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Steve and Marita Buehler founded SMB Residential and Community Support Services in 2005. They were inspired to create a new model of residential care for adults with brain injuries and mental illness that focuses on the growth of each individual they serve in five key areas: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and social. Over the next four years, the Buehlers and the SMB team developed six adult foster care homes designed to serve male and female adults with various levels of needs.

In 2010, the success of the SMB Adult Foster Care Program inspired the SMB team to start developing an adult day program. This program is consistent with the SMB philosophy that focuses on the growth of each individual. The Adult Day Program opened its doors in April 2011. It is located in northwest Rochester and is in a newly renovated building to accommodate the growing program.

In response to an increased demand for a more independent housing model, the SMB team launched their Independent Living Skills program and their first two "Apartments with Services" in the summer of 2011. Today, we have two male and two female apartments with a total of 10 bedrooms. These semi-independent living apartments offer a cost-effective option for individuals who require less support than adult foster care, are on a fixed budget, and who may be transitioning from either a more, or less, structured setting such as independent living, adult foster care, or a nursing home.

Steve & Marita Buehler  Founders

Steve & Marita Buehler


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