What We Do

SMB Disability Solutions in Rochester, MN, is a social service organization specializing in residential services - Adult Foster Care (group homes) and Apartments with Services, Respite Services, Adult Day Program services, Independent Living Skills (ILS). We serve youth and adults with brain injuries, mental health conditions, chemical dependency, and other physical and neurological disabilities such as stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Asperger's, and autism. We create "uncommon communities" throughout our "Continuum of Care" model within safe, sober, and nurturing environments, and we provide individually-designed programs to enable each person to move towards their full potential.

Our experienced staff strives to find an appropriate balance of freedom and structure to maximize the person's opportunities for success and personal growth. Furthermore, we promote giving individuals choices to help design their own personal care plans.

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Our Core Values

•Personal Growth
•Team Approach

Our Continuum of Care Model


Residential Support Services

Apartments with Services

Independent Living


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