Independent Living Skills


Whom We Serve

The Independent Living Skills (ILS) Program is available to adults (ages 18 and older) who have been diagnosed with a physical or neurological disability, brain injury, and/or mental illness. An initial interview and assessment will help determine their appropriateness for the program.

Our Program

The ILS Program was developed to provide quality 1:1 life skills training/coaching for individuals that need extra support to maintain their home, build healthy social relationships, or assist with attending doctor's appointments. The purpose is to help individuals learn the life skills required to become healthy, more independent, and to move forward in life. Our program was developed to be consistent with the SMB "growth philosophy", which focuses on each individual's growth potential in five key areas --- spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and social. Our trained staff helps each person develop an individualized care plan with personal goals designed around these five growth areas. The ILS Program is affordable and often costs less than home health care services.

Admission Criteria

  • Is physically, mentally, and medically safe to participate in programming

  • Does not have a communicable disease

  • Does not cause harm to self or others

  • Has no unmanageable wandering

  • Is able to be redirected

  • Is continent or has manageable incontinence

  • Is mobile with or without a device

  • Can transfer by his/her self

  • Is not actively abusing drugs or alcohol

  • Has set goals and is motivated to achieve those goals

  • Is motivated to participate in all areas of programming

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Why us?

We strive to ensure that every person we serve is neither over-served (which may inhibit growth towards independence) nor under-served in the following ways:

  • We provide dependable, compassionate, highly trained staff.

  • We encourage each person to reach his or her highest level of independence.

  • We walk alongside each person and support him or her through life's journey.

  • We provide monthly/quarterly goal reports to the individual and team members to demonstrate growth and progress.

  • We assist in establishing and maintaining structure to help the individual regain control and independence in their lives.

  • We work with the individual to create a manageable, written daily schedule.

  • We attend doctor's appointments as requested to ensure clear communication with all attending doctors and team members.