Apartments With Services


Our Apartments

Our apartment units have been selected for their location and uniqueness. They are all located in Rochester, MN, so that we can provide the highest level of community integration and independence. Each resident has a private bedroom with a common community area (living room, kitchen, and bathroom) for social interaction.

  • 56th Street Duplex

  • 75th Street Apartment

Other Amenities

  • Fully furnished common areas and kitchen; furnished bedrooms available

  • All utilities, cable, phone, wireless internet, and free washer/dryer are included

Whom We Serve

This apartment model was developed with our Independent Living Skills (ILS) Program and is best suited for those individuals that do not need 24-hour care (i.e. adult foster care or nursing home), but need to build skills prior to transitioning into full independence. This model is also appropriate for those who are struggling to live independently in their own home and need extra support prior to considering a 24-hour care home. Most individuals require 2 to 4 hours of ILS coaching per day which makes this model a much more cost-effective option than RSS housing (adult foster care).

Admission Criteria

  • Is physically, mentally, and medically safe to live semi-independently

  • Does not need 24-hour supervision

  • Does not have a communicable disease

  • Is capable of setting up medications independently or with minimal supervision

  • Takes all medications as prescribed with minimal supervision

  • Does not cause harm to self or others

  • Can safely and independently cook meals according to prescribed diet

  • Is continent or has manageable incontinence

  • Is mobile with or without a device

  • Can transfer by his/her self

  • Is not actively abusing drugs or alcohol

  • Has set goals and is motivated to achieve those goals

  • Is financially capable to pay rent and ILS bill (if private pay) in full by the 1st of each month.


Why us?

  • We provide a semi-independent living environment with professional support available to maintain health and safety.

  • We have on-call staffing available for problem solving through tough situations.

  • We provide a structured, safe, healthy, and sober home.

  • We conduct a thorough screening process of our residents to ensure the best opportunity for growth of each individual.