Adult Day Program


Our Campus

The Adult Day Program is conveniently located along Highway 52 in central Rochester. Our spacious facility and excellent staff work to create an uncommon community where all are valued and encouraged to grow with just the right challenge. Participants enjoy a variety of educational programing, group activities, outings, crafts, exercise, and even time to relax if necessary. Transportation to and from the program can be arranged through a variety of options.


Whom We Serve

The Adult Day Program is available to adults (ages 18 and older) who have been diagnosed with a neurological or physical disability, brain injury, or mental illness. It is best suited for individuals who can benefit from community integration, personal growth, socialization, activities, medication administration, exercise, and supervision. An initial interview and assessment will help determine the potential participant's appropriateness for the program.

Our Program

We create a personalized "Life Path" book for each participant that gives them just the right challenge, helps them stay focused on their goals, and tracks their progress in five growth areas we believe to be the key elements to success in life. Some examples of the way we focus on these five growth areas are the following:

  • Physical - daily group exercise programs designed by a physical therapist, nature trails, yoga, stretchercize, and Zumba

  • Mental - time/energy management, individual and group cognitive skills training, and a life skills group

  • Emotional - Stress and anxiety management, peer support group, coping skills training, and a growth group

  • Social - Communication skills training, interactive games, team building, and group outings

  • Spiritual - Reflection groups, gardening, journaling, and life purpose groups

Admission Criteria

  • Is physically, mentally, and medically safe to participate in programming

  • Does not have a communicable disease

  • Does not cause harm to self or others

  • Has no unmanageable wandering

  • Is able to be redirected

  • Is continent or has manageable incontinence

  • Is mobile with or without a device

  • Can transfer by his/her self

  • Is not actively abusing drugs or alcohol

  • Has set goals and is motivated to achieve those goals

  • Is motivated to participate in all areas of programming


Why us?

This innovative adult day program offers an integrated system for meeting the needs of participants while challenging them to do and be their best!

  • Our program offers a holistic approach that goes beyond meeting their basic needs.

  • We encourage connectivity with fun social outlets to build friendships.

  • We help them find meaning in life, attain personal acceptance, and reach their full potential.

  • Our program provides an opportunity for the caregiver to have respite.

  • We embrace each individual's uniqueness, encourage increased self-awareness, and foster self-confidence for participants.

  • We provide opportunities to develop independent living skills.

  • We encourage and acknowledge each person's creativity.